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  1. Citywide Garage Sale
  2. Contact Us
  3. Volunteer for a Community Project
  1. Comprehensive Plan Survey
  2. Report a Pothole

    To report a pothole to the City of Lakeville's Streets Department, submit the information using the form below or call 952-985-2710.

  3. Watershed Cleanup Day Volunteer Registration


  1. Budget Comments
  2. Start Service - Utility Billing

    Submit this form online when you purchase a home in Lakeville to begin receiving bills for your City-provided utilities including water... More…

  1. Discontinue Service - Utility Billing

    Submit this form online if you are selling your home, to stop receiving bills for City-provided utilities including water and sewer.

Lakeville Area Arts Center

  1. Accessibility Request
  2. Expressions Community Theater Vocal Director
  3. Private Art Party Request
  1. Expressions Community Theater Directors
  2. Expressions Comp Ticket Requests

    Expressions Cast & Crew Comp Ticket Requests

  3. Youth Art Month Exhibit Entry Form

    The Lakeville Area Arts Center is excited to host the 2019 Youth Art Month Exhibit. We ask that you submit your exhibit entries prior... More…