2040 Comprehensive Plan

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  1. Kris Jenson

    Associate Planner
    Phone: 952-985-4424

Welcome from Mayor Anderson

The City of Lakeville’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan covers a wide range of issues including land use, housing, parks and natural resources, water and sewer systems, and transportation. Every 10 years we update our City plan and align with the Metropolitan Council’s regional system. Once approved, the plan will be carried out through 2040.
Your input and engagement in this process is invaluable. We need to carefully plan for Lakeville’s future, including sustainable growth, identifying our long-term vision, goals, policies and strategies for future changes and investments. The plan will describe how Lakeville is likely to change and guides future recommendations and decisions. 

Mayor Doug Anderson

2040 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Lakeville’s draft 2040 Comprehensive Land Use Plan is now available for review. The plan has been distributed to adjacent and affected jurisdictions for review and comment. After all of the adjacent and affected jurisdictions respond or six months' time has passed, whichever comes first, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the plan. The City Council must then approve the plan before it is submitted to the Metropolitan Council for approval.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

This plan is a community’s long-term vision that incorporates goals and strategies for future development, and in some cases redevelopment. It is a guide for how the City will grow and develop to ensure high-quality development projects and efficient public services. The Comprehensive Plan includes a wide range of issues including land use, housing, parks and natural resources, water and sewer systems, and transportation.

Why does the City update its Comprehensive Plan?

State statute requires cities in the seven county metropolitan area to adopt a Comprehensive Plan and to update it every 10 years. The Metropolitan Council reviews and approves the plan, which the City Council will adopt by the end of 2018 and will carry out through 2040.

What is the process?

The City Planning Department does a full review and evaluation of the current Comprehensive Plan, identifying specific issues, long-range goals and land uses that may need to be updated. The Planning Department facilitates input from residents, business owners, and property owners through neighborhood meetings and surveys on how Lakeville should develop over the next 20 years. Once initial comments are gathered, an update of the plan is prepared and a second round of neighborhood meetings is held. The draft plan is also reviewed by the Planning Commission and City Council before it is formally presented for review by neighboring jurisdictions and governmental agencies. Following the adjacent jurisdiction review, which will take approximately six months, the plan is then formally adopted by the Planning Commission and City Council and submitted to the Metropolitan Council.