Development Services

  1. Building Inspections

    The Building Inspections Division of the Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for plan review, permitting, and inspection of all new construction.

  2. Community & Economic Development

    The Community and Economic Development Department encourages quality community development and promotes well-managed residential and commercial growth that will add to the quality of life in Lakeville.

  3. Environmental Resources

    Here you can find a wide range of information about Lakeville's natural resources. Lakeville is home to many lakes, wetlands, streams, prairies, and woodlands. Environmental Resources staff help to manage, promote, and protect these important natural features.

  4. Licenses & Permits

    Find all license and permits for the Building Inspection department.

  5. Planning Department

    The Planning Department oversees Lakeville's short and long term land use, zoning, and residential development activities.